1. Bring your photo ID and either your email confirmation or a print out of your pass to get your wristband at the festival registration desk.


2. PLEASE NOTE: Festival registration HAS MOVED to the Silver Baron Ballrooms (Upstairs Ballrooms) inside the Silver Legacy.

Festival Registration Hours

Thursday 10:00AM to 2:00AM

Friday 9:00AM to 2:00AM

Saturday 9:00AM to 2:00AM

Sunday 11:45AM to 2:00AM

PLEASE NOTE - At 8:00PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the festival registration moves downstairs to the Grand Expo Hall.


3. Have you reserved your rooms at the Silver Legacy or Circus Circus?

Please do that NOW, prices will go up soon...

CLICK HERE to reserve your rooms in Silver Legacy (Salsa-Bachata)

CLICK HERE to reserve your rooms in Circus Circus (Zouk - Urban Kiz)

***Airport shuttle is FREE to Silver Legacy & Circus Circus

***Parking is FREE at Silver Legacy & Circus Circus


4. Print your plane tickets if you are flying. (Airport shuttle is FREE)


5. BUY SNOW CHAINS if you are driving (Parking is FREE).


6. Dress-up Themes for the evening dance parties.

Thursday - Dance Themed T-shirt

Friday - TBA

Saturday - TBA

Sunday - TBA

CLICK HERE for more info on Dress UP themes 


7. A few warm clothes if you plan to go outside. The festival is completely self contained. You do NOT need to go outside for any festival activities.


8. Dance Shoes (Many different types)

~ wear dance flats during the day

~ fancy shoes for early in the evening

~ comfortable shoes for the late night


9. MONEY for NEW dance shoes

~ G Franco will have their FULL line of shoes


10. Water Bottle. There are plenty of water stations to refill


11. Money for Food: The hotel has two 24hr restaurants. Also, don't miss the Tacos across the street.


12. Energy drinks and energy bars to keep you going.


13. Hand towels to wipe off sweat from all the the great dancing.


14. Hand Sanitizer (better yet, wash hands frequently with soap and water. Bathrooms are very close to ballrooms)


15. Cell phone charger


16. Portable speakers for your ipod, etc


17. Performers: Back up music on Thumb drive


18. Swimsuit for Hot Tub


19. Dry Weather protection:

~ Lip Balm

~ Lotion

~ Drink lots of water!!!

~Nose spay (did we mention it gets dry in Reno in the Winter)


20. Mints, toothbrush and toothpaste


21. Medicine Cabinet:

~ Ibuprofen for foot pain

~ Tylenol

~ Vicks

~ NyQuil

~ dramamine for the drive or flight

~ benadryl

~ Pepto bismal

~ penicillin :-)


22. Change of clothes for the late nite dancing. We have over 7 hours of social dancing per night!


23. Lots of deodorant


24. Drinks are cheap at the Reno bars in the casinos. Look for happy hour specials, etc.


25. Snacks for room 


26. MONEY to buy your Official Festival T-shirt


27. MONEY to buy your "EARLY-BIRD" pass for the 2021 Reno Latin Dance Fest (It's the 13th year). Click on link for prices and options... CLICK HERE for more information. 


28. A great attitude


29. Don't forget to bring your friends :-)