Performer Passes will go on sale September 1, 2018

Performer Pass


Please ask your team director for your team's "Access Code".

After you enter your access code the Performer Pass will magically appear (wait a couple seconds)

The Performer Pass is reserved for pre-approved dance teams.

How to become a "Pre-Approved" Dance Team?

Please send an email to:

PLEASE NOTE: In 2018 all the performer spots were full by October. We anticipate that they will fill up even earlier for the 2019 Fest.

In General we ask that Beginner/Amateur Teams perform on Thursday evening, Intermediate/Advanced Teams perform on Sunday. Friday and Saturday are reserved for Pro Teams and teams that submitted a video audition and were chosen by the show crew to perform on Friday or Saturday.

Only Pro Level Duets and Solos. We ask that all duets and solos are of professional competition ready quality.

Any questions about performance teams? Please send an email to: