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Why get a room through our festival website at the Circus Circus Casino for the Zouk/Urban Kiz Experience?

During the Reno Latin Dance Fest the Circus Circus Resort Casino blocks all of our guest rooms together on the same floors. This helps with the issue of non-festival guests vs. festival guest interactions. The Reno Latin Dance Fest guests tend to stay up late and by doing so, tend to wake up non-festival guests. We have fewer issues regarding room noise because of the blocking. If you book your room through us, you get the discounted room rate AND the room blocking.

Please Note: If you choose to NOT book your room through our block, we will not be able to do anything if you get a "security knock" and/or a noise complaint. If you get noise complaints outside of our block we can't help you if you get kicked out of your room. Please book in our block. Thank you :-)

CLICK HERE to reserve your room

Want a "Quiet Room": if you want a "quiet room," please request one when you check in to the hotel during the festival.

Circus Circus - Sky Tower

Room Rate (Room discount deadline is December 11th at 11:00PM)

Thursday Night $52 +tax and fees

Friday and Saturday Night $87 +tax and fees

Sunday Night $52 +tax and fees

CLICK HERE to reserve a Circus Circus room