Introducing the NEW All Evening "Late Nite" Social Dance & Party Pass

In the door at 10:30PM. Dance Party until 6:00AM. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

ONLY $120 plus tax and fees.

~ Four (4) Dance Ballrooms

~Four (4) DJs going at all times

~Bachata, Salsa, Zouk and Mixed Music Party Room where we will play a mix of Latin and non Latin dance music.

For a schedule of the Late Nite Parties CLICK HERE

Please CLICK HERE to buy now!.

PLEASE NOTE: this pass does NOT include the Shows.


Single Evening LATE NITE passes available at the door... CASH ONLY

All 4 Evenings ONLY $90 (if paid early) - Please CLICK HERE to buy now!

Thursday LATE NITE pass at door $20

Friday LATE NITE pass at door $40

Saturday LATE NITE pass at door $45

Sunday LATE NITE pass at door $20