Instructor Certification Course

Taught by Alex Morel and Desiree Godsell

Alex and Desiree will be holding their official Beginner Bachata Instructor Certification Course at the  2018 Reno Latin Dance Fest!


About Alex and Desiree:

While both Alex and Desiree are well rounded in many forms of dance the world has really embraced their interpretation of Bachata. They have undoubtedly become one of the leading couples in the world representing Dominican Style (Traditional/Bachata Clasica). Having already traveled the world teaching and performing their unique style of dance, they are also one of the top sought out choreographers in the Latin Dance Scene. Apart from coaching and training dancers from across the globe, Alex and Desiree were also part of the official judging panel at two of the world's most prestigious Dance Championships in 2016 - The World Salsa Summit and The Bachatea World Masters in Madrid. Alex and Desiree have consistently received positive feedback on their method of teaching other dancers. They have been highly regarded for the quality of their instruction, their charismatic delivery of the content and student engagement.


Course Description and Objective:

This certification course is designed with the ultimate goal of helping the intermediate-advanced dancers and dance instructors with delivering quality instruction to their students. While there will be other future courses offered as part of the AnD Certification Program, this course will focus on the BASICS of teaching Bachata.


Specifically, the course will cover:

  • Bachata History and Music (Instruments and Timing)
  • Overall review and understanding Alex and Desiree’s pedagogy (teaching methodology)
  • Preparing your lessons
  • Running a lesson with environment specific approaches and techniques
  • Teaching/Breaking down Fundamental *Body Movements
  • Working with Beginners
  • Tips for mixed level of students
  • Review and understand how and what to teach as far as Basics (Footwork & Partnering)
  • Review and understand the principles of leading and following


AnD Certification

Upon successful completion of the course, instructors will receive a certificate of completion signed by both Alex and Desiree. This will serve as the only valid documentation that said instructor has met the requirements (approved and validated by Alex and Desiree) to instruct Bachata.


Pre-requisites, Who can take the course?:

This course is open to anyone who aspires to grow as a Bachata dancer. While it can be taken by anyone, the focus of this certification will be for the following audiences:

  • Bachata Instructors (new and experienced)
  • Non-Bachata instructors who will be starting to teach/offer Bachata for their students
  • Dancers who are considering becoming a Bachata Instructor
  • Intermediate/Advanced dancers who want to learn better understand Bachata Fundamentals, History, Evolution and Music

*** PLEASE NOTE: This is not a workshop, so the goal is not to teach beginner students, it is to educate on this genre of dance and teach you how to teach it to others.


Date & Times: (Please Note: this is a tentative schedule and will change on June 1st)

  • Friday, January 5th, 11:00AM – 1:00PM and 2:00PM to 4:00PM
  • Saturday, January 6th, 11:00AM – 1:00PM and 2:00PM to 4:00PM


How to register:

  1. Open to all levels of dancers.
  2. email:
  3. Price includes your Full Festival Pass and a VIP Seating Upgrade.
  4. Experience Package is $425. Includes Full Festival Pass, VIP Seating and the Bachata Instructor Certification by Alex and Desiree.
  5. PLEASE NOTE: if you already bought your Full Festival Pass or a Performer Pass, we will subtract what you paid for your pass  from the $425 Experience Package Price.