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“ISLAND TOUCH BACHATA” [VIP BOOTCAMP] with Team Island Touch (Levels 2 and 3)

***Available with purchase of a “VIP upgrade” only.***

Island Touch’s signature workshop. A 2 hour class featuring ATACA y La Alemana’s moves and style that made them famous worldwide. This workshop is progressive, starting at a Level 2 and moving on to a level 3.

“DOMINICAN BACHATA” [VIP BOOTCAMP] with Troy and Jorjet (Levels 2 and 3)

***Available with purchase of a “VIP upgrade” only.***

A 2 hour special class featuring Dominican style Bachata footwork, patterns combos and shines, with an emphasis on proper technique. Perfect for dancers who wish to improve and polish their Dominican style before the festival.

Workshop #1: “CRUNKCHATA” with Team Island Touch (Level 2)

A mix of Bachata footwork with Hip-Hop and Reggaeton elements. Dancers will learn better body movement and modern hot practical sexy moves to dance smoothly in any social situation.

Workshop #2: “BACHATA PARTNERING” with Serena Cuevas (Level 3)

This course covers intermediate partnering exercises and critical techniques to improve connection and timing. A series of sexy head whips and hot styling, along with tons of musicality will also be included. The workshop fuses both Modern and Dominican styles.

Workshop #5 “INTERMEDIATE CHA CHA CHA” with Troy and Jorjet  (Level 2)

A series of fun and energetic cha cha cha moves that can be used to authentic Cuban music or Latin Pop and Rock music. Recommended for social dancers who wish to enhance or improve their Cha Cha skills in their social dancing.

Workshop #6 “INTRODUCTION TO KIZOMBA” with The L.A. Influence (Level 1)

In this class, Peter and Ciara will teach the basics of this new and popular dance style that originated in Angola, Africa.

Workshop #9  “BACHATA LADIES’ STYLING” with Team Island Touch (Level 3)

This workshop focuses on more advanced feminine movement. Dancers will learn footwork and sexy moves that they can incorporate into their Bachata and gain a renewed sense of sex appeal and confidence on the dance floor.

Workshops #14,40 and 62 “ZUMBA” with Jake Pinto and the Z Body Fitness Team (All Levels)

A series of high energy, Latin dance based exercises with fast paced music. Perfect for dancers who need a more intense high impact workout to jump-start their day.

Workshop #15 “HEATING UP THE BACHATA DANCE FLOOR” with Lee and La Gata (Level 2)

Dancers will learn a foundation of patterns and moves, that will be used in a very sexy style that enhances all styles of Bachata.

Workshop #16 “SIMPLE LIFTS AND DIPS” with Ava and Rodolfo (Level 2)

Learn how to properly do lifts and dips to impress people on the dance floor.  Dancers will learn fundamental techniques such as positioning, how lead dips and lifts,and how to balance the weight. (Not recommended for first time beginners)

Reno Winter Bachata 2013


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